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Aodh Méith or Áed Méith (died 1230) was a 13th-century king of Tír Eoghain. The son of Aodh an Macaoimh Tóinleasg, Aodh spent much of his career fighting off threats from Fir Manach, Tír Conaill and Galloway, as well as John de Courcy and the Lordship of Ireland.
Aodh Mac Cathmhaoil, O.F.M., (Latin: Hugo Cavellus; anglicised: Hugh MacCaghwell) (1571 – 22 September 1626), was an Irish Franciscan theologian and Archbishop of Armagh.
Aodh (; Old Irish: Áed) is an Irish and Scottish Gaelic male given name, originally meaning "fire". Feminine forms of the name include Aodhnait and Aodhamair.
Aodhan Quinn (born March 22, 1992) is an American professional soccer player for FC Cincinnati in the United Soccer League.
Aodron is a studio album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. It was released on January 27, 2017 by Automation Records.
Aodán Mac Póilin (1948 – 29 December 2016) was an Irish language activist in Northern Ireland.
Aodh Buidhe Mac an Bhaird, O.F.M. (aka Aedh Buidh Mac an Bhaird or Hugh Ward; c.1593 – 8 November 1635), was an Irish Franciscan friar who was a noted poet, historian and hagiographer.
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