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The meaning of «aou»

AOU may refer to:
Aoudaghost (also transliterated as Awadaghust, Awdughast, Awdaghusht and Awdhaghurst) is a former Berber town in Hodh El Gharbi, Mauritania.
Aouste is a commune in the Ardennes department in the Grand Est region of northern France.
Aoulef (Arabic: أولف‎, translit. Awlaf) is a town and commune and capital of Aoulef District, in Adrar Province, south-central Algeria.
Aougrout (Arabic: أوﻗﺮت‎‎) is a commune in Aougrout District, Adrar Province, in south-central Algeria.
Aoukar or Erg Aoukar is a geological depression area of south eastern Mauritania. It is located between Kiffa and Néma, south of the Tagant Plateau.
Aoua Kéita (12 July 1912, Bamako, French Sudan – 7 May 1980, Bamako, Mali) was a Malian independence activist, politician and writer.

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