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APC or Apc may refer to:
The Smart-UPS is a series of enterprise-level uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) made by American Power Conversion (APC).
Cdh1 is one of the substrate adaptor protein of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC) in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
APCO Worldwide is an independent global public affairs and strategic communications consultancy. With more than 600 employees in 35 worldwide locations, it is also the second largest independently owned PR firm in the United States.
APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products.
Apchon is a French commune in the Cantal department in the Auvergne region of south-central France.
Apcar and Company was a firm founded in 1819 in India that engaged in shipping, import and export. The most profitable trade was in opium, shipped from India to Hong Kong and the Pearl River.
The APC III (Advanced Personal Computer) was released by NEC in 1984. An English-speaking market rebrand of the Japanese NEC PC-9801, the APC III was based upon the Intel 8086 processor, with superior specifications to the IBM PC.
The Amino acid-Polyamine-organoCation (APC) superfamily is the second largest superfamily of secondary carrier proteins currently known.
The Amino Acid-Polyamine-Organocation (APC) Family (TC# 2.A.3) of transport proteins includes members that function as solute:cation symporters and solute:solute antiporters.

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