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The AN/APG-63 and AN/APG-70 are a family of all-weather multimode radar systems designed by Hughes Aircraft (now Raytheon) for the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter.
AN/APQ-116 is one of the most numerous terrain-following radars (TFRs) produced in the world, and with over 500 units built, it was a member of a family of TFRs consisted of nearly two dozen models, all of which are based on the same general design principle.
Advanced product quality planning (or APQP) is a framework of procedures and techniques used to develop products in industry, particularly the automotive industry.
Apqusiurniq Island is one of the uninhabited Canadian arctic islands in the Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada.
APQ may refer to:
The AN/APG-66 radar is a solid state medium range (up to 150 km) Pulse-doppler planar array radar originally designed by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now Northrop Grumman) for use in the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
The Pucikwar language, A-Pucikwar, is an extinct language of the Andaman Islands, India, formerly spoken by the Pucikwar people on the south coast of Middle Andaman, the northeast coast of South Andaman, and on Baratang Island.
The AN/APQ-181 is an all-weather, low probability of intercept (LPI) radar system designed by Hughes Aircraft (now Raytheon) for the U.S.
The AN/APQ-13 radar was a ground scanning radar developed by Bell Laboratories, Western Electric, and MIT as an improved model of the airborne H2X radar, itself developed from the first ground scanning radar, the British H2S radar.

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