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Aqjeh Qeshlaq (Persian: اقجه قشلاق‎‎, also Romanized as Āqjeh Qeshlāq, Āghcheh Qeshlāq, Āqjā Qeshlāq, and Āqja Qishlāq; also known as Andzha-Kishlak) is a village in Niyarak Rural District, Tarom Sofla District, Qazvin County, Qazvin Province, Iran.
Aqjeh Qaleh (Persian: اقجه قلعه‎‎, also Romanized as Āqjeh Qal‘eh and Aqjeh Qal‘eh; also known as Āghjeh Qal‘eh, Akcha-Kalekh, Aqcha Qal‘eh, and Āqcheh Qal‘eh) is a village in Qareh Poshtelu-e Pain Rural District, Qareh Poshtelu District, Zanjan County, Zanjan Province, Iran.
Aqaba Airport (also known as King Hussein Int'l Airport (IATA: AQJ, ICAO: OJAQ)) (Arabic: مطارالملك الحسين الدولي‎‎) is an airport located in the vicinity of Industrial City (Aqaba International Industrial Estate – مدينة العقبة الصناعية الدولية), northern suburb of Aqaba in Jordan.
Akjoujt (Arabic: أكجوجت) is a small city in western Mauritania. It is the capital of Inchiri region."Akjoujt" (ɑk'ʤuʤt) means 'wells'.
Aqcheh Qaleh (Persian: اقچه قلعه‎‎), also rendered as Aqjeh Qaleh or Aghcheh Ghaleh or Aghjeh Qaleh or Akcha-Kalekh or Aqcha Qaleh, may refer to:
Aghcheh Qeshlaq-e Olya (Persian: اغچه قشلاق عليا‎‎, also Romanized as Āghcheh Qeshlāq-e ‘Olyā; also known as Āghcheh Qeshlāq-e Bālā, Aghjeh Gheshlagh Jadīd, Āghjeh Qeshlāq-e Bālā, Agja Qishlāq, Āqcheh Qeshlāq-e Jadīd, Āqcheh Qeshlāq-e ‘Olyā, and Āqjeh Qeshlāq) is a village in Peyghan Chayi Rural District, in the Central District of Kaleybar County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.
Aqcheh Gonbad (Persian: اقچه گنبد‎‎, also Romanized as Āqcheh Gonbad; also known as Āghcheh Gonbad, Aghcheh Gonbad, Āqcheh Kand, Āqjakūmbez, Āq Jāqumbez, and Āqjeh Gonbad) is a village in Shivanat Rural District, Afshar District, Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province, Iran.
Agjeh (Persian: اگجه‎‎, also Romanized as Āgjeh; also known as Akcheh, Āqcheh, Āqjeh, Augajeh, and Ūgjeh) is a village in Sarshiv Rural District, Sarshiv District, Marivan County, Kurdistan Province, Iran.
Aqcheh Qayeh (Persian: اقچه قيا‎‎, also Romanized as Āqcheh Qayeh; also known as Āqjeh Qayā, Āqjeh Qayah, Āqjeh Qayeh, Āqjeh Qīā, and Aqjeh Qīya) is a village in Howmeh Rural District, in the Central District of Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province, Iran.

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