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ASD may refer to:
Asda Stores Ltd. is a British supermarket retailer, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company was founded in 1965 when the supermarket owning Asquith family merged with the Associated Dairies company of Yorkshire.
Asdrúbal José Cabrera (Spanish pronunciation: [asˈðɾuβal kaˈβɾeɾa]; born November 13, 1985) is a Venezuelan professional baseball shortstop for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB).
Asda Jayanama (Thai: อัษฎา ชัยนาม; rtgs: Atsada Chaiyanam) is a former career diplomat of the Kingdom of Thailand.
ASD Fiammamonza 1970 is an Italian women's football team from Monza.
Asda Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the United Kingdom, operated by Asda, using the EE network.
Félix Asdrúbal Padrón Hernández (born 13 March 1991), simply known as Asdrúbal, is a Spanish professional footballer as a winger or forward.
OptiPlant is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) software application for 3D conceptual design. OptiPlant is manufactured and sold by ASD Global.
Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X, or ASDE-X, is a runway-safety tool that enables air traffic controllers to detect potential runway conflicts by providing detailed coverage of movement on runways and taxiways.
ASD is the fifth album by American post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive, released on October 9, 2015, through Tragic Hero Records.

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