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The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX, sometimes referred to outside Australia as the Sydney Stock Exchange) is Australia's primary securities exchange.
Putative Polycomb group protein ASXL1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ASXL1 gene.
The Asx turn is a structural feature in proteins and polypeptides. It consists of three amino acid residues (labeled i, i+1 and i+2) in which residue i is an aspartate (Asp) or asparagine (Asn) that forms a hydrogen bond from its sidechain CO group to the mainchain NH group of residue i+2. About 14% of Asx residues present in proteins belong to Asx turns.
The Asx motif is a commonly occurring feature in proteins and polypeptides. It consists of four or five amino acid residues with either aspartate or asparagine as the first residue (residue i).
Asxanakəran (also, Askhanakeran) is a village and municipality in the Astara Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 1,066. The municipality consists of the villages of Asxanakəran, Azaru, Balbau, Bursut, and Dəstor.
AGL Energy Ltd (ASX: AGL) is an Australian listed public company involved in both the generation and retailing of electricity and gas for residential and commercial use.
ASX may refer to:
WorleyParsons Limited is a professional services business.

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