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André Tanneberger (German pronunciation: [ʔanˈdʁeː ˈtanəbɛʁɡɐ]), under his stage name of ATB, (born 26 February 1973 in Freiberg, Saxony, East Germany) is a German DJ, musician, and producer of electronic dance music.
The discography of the German electronic musician ATB consists of 10 studio albums, 2 compilation album, 36 singles, six video albums and 28 music videos.
Atbara (sometimes Atbarah) (Arabic: عطبرة‎ ʿAṭbarah) is a city of 111,399 (2007) located in River Nile State in northeastern Sudan.
The Atban Klann (A Tribe Beyond a Nation) was a hip hop group whose members were Will 1X, apl.de.ap, Mookie Mook, DJ Motiv8 (a.k.a.
The Atbarah River (Arabic: نهر عطبرة‎; transliterated: Nahr 'Atbarah) in northeast Africa rises in northwest Ethiopia, approximately 50 km north of Lake Tana and 30 km west of Gondar.
Zinc finger homeobox protein 3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ZFHX3 gene.
ATB-Market LLC (Ukrainian: АТБ-Маркет) is one of the leading retail trade companies in Ukraine. The company owns the largest national network of retail shops.
Atbasar is a town in Akmola Region of the northern Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1845. Atbasar is the 44th biggest city in Kazakhstan.

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