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The meaning of «aui»

AUI may stand for:
Auisle or Óisle (Old Norse: Ásl or Auðgísl; died c. 867) was a Viking leader in Ireland and Scotland in the mid-late ninth century.
Kurtis Ling (born October 2, 1992), often known by his in-game name Aui_2000, is a Canadian professional Dota 2 player.
aUI /auiː/ is a constructed language created by W. John Weilgart (1913–1981), a philologist and psychoanalyst originally from Vienna, Austria.
The Aviones or Auiones (*Awioniz meaning "island people") were one of the Nerthus-worshipping Germanic tribes of the 1st century mentioned by Tacitus in Germania, and they lived either in the southern Jutland Peninsula, or on Öland.
Karankawa (also Karankawan, Comanches, Cocos, and called in their language Auia) are a tribe of Native Americans, now a restored nation, who played a pivotal part in early Texas history.
The Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) is a physical and logical interface defined in the original IEEE 802.3 standard for 10BASE5 Ethernet.
Tequiraca (Tekiráka), also known as Abishira (Avishiri)* and Aiwa (Aewa), is a language spoken in Peru.

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