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The Officers' Training Corps (OTC), more fully called the University Officers' Training Corps (UOTC), are leadership training units similar to a university club but operated by the British Army.
Auoindaon was the native chief of the Wyandot (Huron) at Quieunonascaranas, a settlement in Wendake near modern-day Midland, Ontario.
Auburn University Regional Airport with the Robert G. Pitts Field (IATA: AUO, ICAO: KAUO, FAA LID: AUO) is a public use airport located two nautical miles (4 km) east of the central business district of Auburn, a city in Lee County, Alabama, United States.
AUO may refer to:
Oospila is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.
Auður Auðuns (18 February 1911 – 19 October 1999) was an Icelandic lawyer and politician from the Independence Party.
AU Optronics (AUO) is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer. It was formed in September 2001 by the merger of Acer Display Technology, Inc.
au one net (エーユー ワン ネット) is a Japanese internet service provider run by KDDI Corporation and founded in July, 1997. The service name was dion until September 2007.
Gold(III) hydroxide, gold trihydroxide, or gold hydroxide is an inorganic compound, a hydroxide of gold, with formula Au(OH)3. It is also called auric acid with formula H3AuO3. It is easily dehydrated above 140 °C to gold(III) oxide.
Lower Nossob an extinct Khoisan language once spoken along the Nossob River on the border of South Africa and Botswana, near Namibia.

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