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Aviv (Hebrew: אביב‎) is a word that has several similar meanings in Hebrew. It is also used as a given name and surname.

Aviv is also a Hebrew male and female name. The old and uncommon[5] Russian Christian male given name "Ави́в" (Aviv) was possibly also borrowed from Biblical Hebrew, where it derived from the word abīb, meaning an ear or a time of year where grains come into ear,[6] also known as "Aviv" (or Nisan—the first month of the Hebrew calendar).[7] The feminine version of the name is Aviva.[5] The diminutives of "Aviv" are Aviva (Ави́ва) and Viva (Ви́ва).[5] The patronymics derived from "Aviv" are "Ави́вович" (Avivovich; masculine) and "Ави́вовна" (Avivovna; feminine).[5]

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