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Avry is a municipality in the district of Sarine in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. The municipality is the result of the 1 January 2001 union of Avry-sur-Matran and Corjolens.[3]

Avry has an area, as of 2009[update], of 5.8 square kilometers (2.2 sq mi). Of this area, 4.21 km2 (1.63 sq mi) or 72.2% is used for agricultural purposes, while 0.67 km2 (0.26 sq mi) or 11.5% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 0.92 km2 (0.36 sq mi) or 15.8% is settled (buildings or roads) and 0.01 km2 (2.5 acres) or 0.2% is unproductive land.[4]

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 1.7% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 8.4% and transportation infrastructure made up 5.0%. Out of the forested land, all of the forested land area is covered with heavy forests. Of the agricultural land, 53.7% is used for growing crops and 17.8% is pastures.[4]

The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Chevrony of six Argent and Sable. This coat of arms is the same as the one from the former municipality of Avry-sur-Matran.[5]

Avry has a population (as of December 2019[update]) of 1,925.[6] As of 2008[update], 13.3% of the population are resident foreign nationals.[7] Over the last 10 years (2000–2010) the population has changed at a rate of 29.6%. Migration accounted for 22.4%, while births and deaths accounted for 7.7%.[8]

Most of the population (as of 2000[update]) speaks French (1,047 or 86.2%) as their first language, German is the second most common (99 or 8.1%) and Albanian is the third (13 or 1.1%). There are 12 people who speak Italian.[9]

As of 2008[update], the population was 51.1% male and 48.9% female. The population was made up of 713 Swiss men (42.8% of the population) and 138 (8.3%) non-Swiss men. There were 698 Swiss women (41.9%) and 115 (6.9%) non-Swiss women.[10] Of the population in the municipality, 251 or about 20.7% were born in Avry and lived there in 2000. There were 564 or 46.4% who were born in the same canton, while 172 or 14.2% were born somewhere else in Switzerland, and 198 or 16.3% were born outside of Switzerland.[9]

As of 2000[update], children and teenagers (0–19 years old) make up 27.7% of the population, while adults (20–64 years old) make up 64.2% and seniors (over 64 years old) make up 8.1%.[8]

As of 2000[update], there were 561 people who were single and never married in the municipality. There were 569 married individuals, 31 widows or widowers and 54 individuals who are divorced.[9]

As of 2000[update], there were 475 private households in the municipality, and an average of 2.7 persons per household.[8] There were 108 households that consist of only one person and 51 households with five or more people. In 2000[update], a total of 434 apartments (94.1% of the total) were permanently occupied, while 19 apartments (4.1%) were seasonally occupied and 8 apartments (1.7%) were empty.[11] As of 2009[update], the construction rate of new housing units was 3 new units per 1000 residents.[8] The vacancy rate for the municipality, in 2010[update], was 0.15%.[8]

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