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AVS or Avs may refer to:
AVS Video Editor is a video editing software published by Online Media Technologies Ltd. It is a part of AVS4YOU software suite which includes video, audio, image editing and conversion, disk editing and burning, document conversion and registry cleaner programs.
Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a privately held software company headquartered in Orange County, California.
AVSIM is a free to join nonprofit flight simulation social networking service that focuses heavily on Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.
Avshalom Haviv (Hebrew: אבשלום חביב; June 18, 1926 – July 29, 1947) was a member of the Irgun underground organization in Mandatory Palestine, and one of the Olei Hagardom executed by the British authorities during the Jewish insurgency in Palestine.
Avshalom Cyrus Elitzur (Hebrew אבשלום כורש אליצור; born 30 May 1957) is an Israeli physicist and philosopher.
The AVS-36 (from Avtomaticheskaya Vintovka Simonova 1936 model; Russian: Автоматическая винтовка Симонова образца 1936 года (АВС-36)) was a Soviet automatic rifle which saw service in the early years of World War II.
AVSnap is a freeware (some features must be licensed from Altinex Inc.) audio/visual system integration and design software that was created by Altinex Inc.
Avshalom Pollak is an Israeli actor, director, choreographer and dance company artistic director.
Avsallar is a town in Antalya Province, Turkey.

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