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The meaning of «avs»

AVS or Avs may refer to:
Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a privately held software company headquartered in Orange County, California.
AVSIM is a free to join nonprofit flight simulation social networking service that focuses heavily on Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.
The AVS-36 (from Avtomaticheskaya Vintovka Simonova 1936 model; Russian: Автоматическая винтовка Симонова образца 1936 года (АВС-36)) was a Soviet automatic rifle which saw service in the early years of World War II.
Avshalom Cyrus Elitzur (Hebrew אבשלום כורש אליצור; born 30 May 1957) is an Israeli physicist and philosopher.
Avshalom Pollak is an Israeli actor, director, choreographer and dance company artistic director.
AVSnap is a freeware (some features must be licensed from Altinex Inc.) audio/visual system integration and design software that was created by Altinex Inc.
Avsallar is a town in Antalya Province, Turkey.

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