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AWB may refer to:
The AWB oil-for-wheat scandal (also known just as the AWB scandal) refers to the payment of kickbacks to the regime of Saddam Hussein in contravention of the United Nations Oil-for-Food Humanitarian Program.
AWB Limited was a major grain marketing organisation based in Australia. It was a government body known as the Australian Wheat Board until 1 July 1999, when the AWB was transformed into a private company, owned by wheat growers.
AWB is the second studio album by the Scottish funk and soul band Average White Band, released in August 1974.
Awbere (Somali: Awbarre) (Amharic: ተፈሪ አሞሌ), (also known as Teferi Ber), is one of the woredas in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.
Awbury Arboretum (55 acres) is a nonprofit arboretum and estate located at 1 Awbury Road in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Awbari Governorate or Ubari Governorate Arabic: أوباري محافظة‎‎ was one of the governorates (muhafazah) of Libya from 1963 to 1973. Its capital was the town of Ubari.
The Awbury Historic District is a historic area in the East Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The AWB Vincent Literary Award is a literary award presented annually by The Ireland Funds. It is named after Billy Vincent, the former director of the organisation, who established the award.

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