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The AWH Engineering College (AWHEC), is situated in Kuttikkattoor, 10 km away from Kozhikode, Kerala. The college started in 2001, as a self-financing colleges.
Awhaduddin Awhadi Maragheie (also written Ohadi) (1271–1338) was a Persian poet from the city Maragha in Iran.
A.W.H.Special College is a professional college at Kallayi in Kozhikode with double affiliation to the University of Calicut and the Kerala University of Health Sciences.
The Awhitu Wind Farm is a renewable energy project in New Zealand planned by Trustpower. This development is proposed to be located on the Awhitu Peninsula near Waiuku on the west coast south of Auckland.
The following is a complete list of all characters that appear or have appeared on the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street.
Ophiocordyceps sinensis (formerly known as Cordyceps sinensis) is an entomopathogenic fungus (a fungus that grows on insects) found in mountainous regions of Nepal and Tibet.
"While" is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction.
In Māori mythology, Tāwhirimātea (or Tāwhiri) is the god of weather, including thunder and lightning, wind, clouds and storms.

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