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The meaning of «awi»

AWI or Awi may refer to:
Awie (born Ahmad Azhar bin Othman on 24 November 1968) is a Malaysian rock singer and actor.
The Awit Awards are music awards in the Philippines given annually by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) to recognize the outstanding achievements in the music industry.
Awilix (/äwiˈliʃ/) (also spelt Auilix and Avilix) was a goddess (or possibly a god) of the Postclassic K'iche' Maya, who had a large kingdom in the highlands of Guatemala.
Awi Federgruen (born 1953, Geneva) is a Dutch/American mathematician and operations researcher and Charles E.
Awilda "Wiwi" Carbia (January 30, 1938 – March 23, 2009) was an actress, comedian, and impersonator.
Ability with Innovation (AWI) is an international diversified services company headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Awilo Longomba is a Congolese musician who was a drummer in Viva la Musica, Stukas, Nouvelle Generation and Loketo.
Awit Para Sa'yo is a studio album by Filipino singer Erik Santos, released on August 12, 2011 by Star Records in the Philippines in CD and cassette format and in digital download through iTunes and Amazon.com.
Awithlaknakwe (or Stone Warriors, or Game of the Stone Warriors) is a strategy board game from the Zuni Native American Indians of the American Southwest.

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