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Awj (Arabic: عوج‎‎, also spelled Ouj or Uj) is a village in northern Syria, administratively part of the Hama Governorate, located in the Homs Gap southwest of Hama.
Awjila (Berber: Awilan, Awjila, Awgila; Arabic: أوجلة‎‎; Latin: Augila) is an oasis town in the Al Wahat District in the Cyrenaica region of northeastern Libya.
Awjila (also: Aujila, Augila, Aoudjila, Awgila, Awdjila, native name: Tawjilit) is a severely endangered (considered “moribund” by Ethnologue) Eastern Berber language spoken in Cyrenaica, Libya, in the Awjila oasis.
Awja al-Janah (Arabic: عوجة الجنا‎‎) is a Syrian village located in the Subdistrict of the Hama District in the Hama Governorate.
Awj Subdistrict (Arabic: ناحية عوج‎‎) is a Syrian 'nahiyah (subdistrict) located in Masyaf District in Hama.
The Yarkon River, also Yarqon River (Hebrew: נחל הירקון‎, Nahal HaYarkon; Arabic: نهر العوجا‎, translit.
Admiral Sir Augustus William James Clifford, 1st Baronet, (26 May 1788 – 8 February 1877) was a British Royal Navy officer, court official, and usher of the Black Rod.
Al-Awja (Arabic: العوجا‎‎; also known as Owja, Al-Auja or Al-Ouja) is a village 8 miles (13 km) south of Tikrit, in Iraq on the western bank of the Tigris.
The Eastern Berber languages are a group of Berber languages spoken in Libya and Egypt. They include Awjila, Sokna and Fezzan (El-Fogaha), Siwi and Ghadamès, though it is not clear that they form a valid genealogical group.
General A. W. J. Crishanthe de Silva, RWP, USP, ndu, psc is a Sri Lankan general and a military engineer.

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