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The meaning of «awu»

AWU may refer to:
Awukudae Festival (meaning: "Wednesday ceremony", is a traditional Ashanti festival in Ashanti. Like the Akwasidae Festival, celebrated on a Sunday, Awukudae is part of the celebrations within the Adae Festival cycle.
Awut Deng Acuil is a South Sudanese politician. She is the current Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.
Awudu Issaka (born 26 June 1979 in Sunyani, the capital of Ghana's Brong-Ahafo Region) is a professional Ghanaian footballer.
The Awuna River also called Sakvailak by the Iñupiat is a 200-mile (320 km) tributary of the Colville River in the U.S.
Awuah Panin III, known in the United States as Harry Danso, is an Ashanti nana from the Asokwa area, which includes his hometown of Koforidua.

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