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Awyi (Awye) is a Papuan language of Indonesian Papua.
The name Air Wales (Welsh: Awyr Cymru) has been used by two airlines. The first Air Wales was an airline operating flights between Cardiff International Airport and Hawarden Airport in Flintshire commencing in 1977 and ending 18 months later.
"Any Way You Want It" is a popular song performed by Journey, released on the album Departure as the opening track and as a single in 1980. The song was written by lead singer Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon.
Aghu, also known as Awyu or Djair (Dyair, Jair, Yair), is a Papuan language of Papua, Indonesia.
Shiaxa (Sjiagha), also known as Jenimu (Yenimu, possibly a dialect) and Awyu, is a Papuan language of Papua, Indonesia.
AWY or awy may refer to:
An aul (Chechen: oil, Russian: аул, Turkic: awıl) is a type of fortified village found throughout the Caucasus mountains.
Abidar (Persian: آبیدر‎‎) (Kurdish: ئاویه‌ر‎) is a mountain to the West of Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Iran.

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