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Akseli Ensio "Axu" Kokkonen (born 27 February 1984) is a Norwegian former ski jumper who competed from 2001 to 2010. He originally had Finnish nationality, but from the 2009/10 World Cup season onwards he represented Norway.
Axum or Aksum (Tigrinya: ኣኽሱም? /axsum/, Amharic: አክሱም? /aksum/) is a city in the northern part of Ethiopia.
Axum (previously codenamed Maestro) is a domain specific concurrent programming language, based on the Actor model, that was under active development by Microsoft between 2009 and 2011. It is an object-oriented language based on the .NET Common Language Runtime using a C-like syntax which, being a domain-specific language, is intended for development of portions of a software application that is well-suited to concurrency.
Axum Airport (IATA: AXU, ICAO: HAAX), also known as Emperor Yohannes IV Airport, is an airport serving Axum, a city in the northern Tigray Region of Ethiopia.
Axur, re d'Ormus ("Axur, king of Ormus") is an operatic dramma tragicomico in five acts by Antonio Salieri.
Axura (also, Akhura) is a village and municipality in the Sharur District of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan.
The Kingdom of Aksum or Axum, also known as the Aksumite Empire, was a Habasha trading nation in the modern-day area of Eritrea, Tigray region and the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.
Axum is a solo album by American jazz flautist and composer James Newton recorded in 1981 and released on the ECM label.

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