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"All your base are belong to us" is a popular Internet meme based on a broken English ("Engrish") phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing.
Izz al-Din Aybak (Arabic: عز الدين أيبك‎‎) (epithet: al-Malik al-Mu'izz Izz al-Din Aybak al-Jawshangir al-Turkmani al-Salihi, Arabic: الملك المعز عز الدين أيبك التركماني الجاشنكير الصالحى) was the first of the Mamluk sultans of Egypt in the Turkic Bahri line.
Ayb Educational Foundation was founded in 2006 in Armenia. The objective of the Foundation is to shape a culture of excellence in learning and support the development of Armenian education.
Aybastı is a town and district of Ordu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 31,071 of which 14,326 live in the town of Aybastı.
Ayb School (Armenian: Այբ դպրոց), is a private educational complex in Yerevan, Armenia, opened in 2011 by the Ayb Educational Foundation.
Aybüke Arslan (born January 1, 1994) is a Turkish women's football midfielder currently playing in the First League for Trabzon İdmanocağı with jersey number 8. She was a member of the Turkey U-17 and Turkey U-19 teams.
Ayn Rand (; born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, Russian: Али́са Зино́вьевна Розенба́ум; February 2 [O.S.
Ayberk Olmaz (born June 8, 1996) is a Turkish professional basketball player who currently plays for TED Ankara Kolejliler of the Turkish Basketball League, on loan from Fenerbahçe Ülker.
Are You Being Served? (originally styled as "Are You Being Served?" in quotation marks) is a British sitcom created and written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft (Croft also directed some episodes), with contributions from Michael Knowles and John Chapman, for the BBC.

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