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Aye may refer to:
The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger.
Ayelet Waldman (born December 11, 1964) is an Israeli-American novelist and essayist. She has written seven mystery novels in the series The Mommy-Track Mysteries and four other novels.
Ayesha Curry (née Alexander; born March 23, 1989) is a Canadian–American actress, television personality and author.
Ayelet Zurer (Hebrew: איילת זורר‎‎; born 28 June 1969) is an Israeli actress. She was nominated for awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Israeli Academy Awards and the Israeli Television Academy Awards.
Ayelet Shaked (; Hebrew: איילת שקד‎‎; born 7 May 1976) is an Israeli politician, activist, and computer engineer.
Ayesha Takia (born 10 April 1986) is an Indian former actress who appeared in Bollywood films. She made her film debut in Taarzan: The Wonder Car for which she won the Filmfare Best Debut Award in 2004. Her notable films include Dor (2006), for which she won the Screen Award for Best Actress (Critics), and Wanted (2009).

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