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Ayttm (pronounced "item" or "A-Y-T-T-M") is a multi-protocol instant messaging client. It is the heir of the EveryBuddy project.
Aytos (Bulgarian: Айтос), sometimes written Aitos and Ajtos, is a town located in eastern Bulgaria some 30 kilometers from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and belonging to the administrative boundaries of Burgas Province.
Ayta ash Shab (Arabic: عيتا الشعب‎‎; also transliterated Ayta al-Sha'b, Ayta a-Shaab, Ayta ash-Shab or Ayta ash Sha'b') is a small village located in southern Lebanon, about 1 km northeast of the Israeli border.
Aytaç Durak (born 1938 in Karaisalı, Adana) is a Turkish politician, and has been the mayor of Adana since 1984, excluding one term (1989–1994).
Ayton is a small village located in the historic county of Berwickshire, today part of the Scottish Borders region.
Aytek Genc (Turkish: Aytek Genç) (born 3 February 1966) is a former Turkish Australian football (soccer) player and was the coach of the Sydney Olympic FC in the NSW Premier League.
Ayton and Burnmouth Parish Church is a member church (Scots: kirk) of the Church of Scotland, serving the communities of Ayton and Burnmouth in the Scottish Borders.

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