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The Azuchi–Momoyama period (安土桃山時代, Azuchi–Momoyama jidai) is the final phase of the Sengoku period (戦国時代, Sengoku jidai) in Japan.
Azacitidine (INN; trade name Vidaza) is a chemical analog of cytidine, a nucleoside in DNA and RNA. Azacitidine and its deoxy derivative, decitabine (also known as 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine), are used in the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome.
Azja Express is the Polish TV version of the reality show Peking Express. It was created by Ludo Poppe.
Azúcar Moreno (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈθukaɾ moˈɾeno]; Spanish for "brown sugar") is a Romani Spanish music duo consisted of sisters Antonia "Toñi" and Encarnación "Encarna" Salazar.
AZ Cancri (AZ Cnc) is a M-type flare star in the constellation Cancer. It has an apparent visual magnitude of approximately 17.59.
An azo coupling is an organic reaction between a diazonium compound and another aromatic compound that produces an azo compound.
Azuchi Castle (安土城, Azuchi-jō) was one of the primary castles of Oda Nobunaga. It was built from 1576 to 1579, on the shores of Lake Biwa, in Ōmi Province.

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