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Azja Express is the Polish TV version of the reality show Peking Express. It was created by Ludo Poppe.
Azoxystrobin (brand name Amistar, Syngenta) is a systemic fungicide commonly used in agriculture. The substance is used as an active agent protecting plants and fruit/vegetables from fungal diseases.
Azjur al-Turki (Arabic: أزجور التركي‎) or Arkhuz ibn Ulugh Tarkhan al-Turki (أرخوز بن أولوغ طرخان التركي) was a Turkish military officer in the service of the Abbasid Caliphate.
Azoxy compounds are a group of chemical compounds sharing a common functional group with the general structure RN=N+(O−)R.
Azoximer bromide is a macromolecular compound with high-molecular weight and high immunomodulating activity.
Azoxymethane (AOM) is a carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemical compound used in biological research. It is the oxide of azomethane and is particularly effective for the induction of a colon carcinoma.
The following is a list of clones of Sinclair Research's ZX Spectrum home computer:
The AJX Bridge is a historic Pratt truss bridge in southwestern Johnson County, Wyoming. The bridge was built in 1931 across the South Fork of the Powder River near Kaycee, Wyoming.
Azaxia is a genus of moths of the family Notodontidae.

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