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AZN may refer to:
Datuk Aznil bin Haji Nawawi (born 6 November 1962), better known as Aznil Nawawi (sometimes he credited as Aznil Haji Nawawi, Aznil or Pak Nil), is a TV host in Malaysia.
AZN Television (formerly called International Channel) was a cable TV channel which promoted itself as "the network for Asian America".
Aznakayevsky District (Russian: Азнака́евский райо́н; Tatar: Cyrillic Азнакай районы, Latin Aznaqay rayonı) is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the forty-three in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.
Aznakayevo (Russian: Азнака́ево; Tatar: Cyrillic Азнакай, Latin Aznaqay) is a town in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, located on the Styarlya River (left tributary of the Ik), 376 kilometers (234 mi) southeast from Kazan.
Aznavour toujours (Forever the Aznavour) is the 50th French studio album by the French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, released in 2011. Toujours became his seventh album in the 21st century.
Aznalcázar is a town located in the province of Seville, southern Spain. It is only 20 minutes away from Seville, and is one of the 13 towns located in Doñana National Park, one of Spain’s most important national parks and wildlife reserves.
Aznar (or Asnar) Sánchez (Basque: Aznar Antso, French: Aznard Sanche, Gascon: Aznar Sans) (died 836) was the Duke of Gascony from 820. He was the supposed son of Sancho I of Gascony, though he has been identified with Aznar Galíndez I, Count of Aragon.

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