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Bavaria (; German: Freistaat Bayern [ˈfʁaɪʃtaːt ˈbaɪɐn]; Czech: Bavorsko) is a free state and one of 16 federal states of Germany.
The most famous league derbies in Bavarian football are the games between FC Bayern Munich and 1. FC Nürnberg, with the Bayern versus TSV 1860 Munich matchups coming a close second.
The Bavarian State Library (German: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, abbreviated BSB) in Munich is the central "Landesbibliothek", i. e.
Bavarian (Austro-Bavarian: Boarisch [ˈbɔɑrɪʃ]; German: Bairisch [ˈbaɪ̯ʀɪʃ]; Hungarian: bajor) is a major group of Upper German varieties spoken in the southeast of the German language area, largely covered by Bavaria and Austria.
Bavay (pronounced [bavɛ] ) is a commune in the Nord department in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France.
The Bavarian Soviet Republic (German: Bayerische Räterepublik) was the short-lived attempt to establish a socialist state in the Free State of Bavaria during the German Revolution.
The Bavarian ice hockey leagues are part of the German ice hockey league system and form the tiers four to six of the league system in the state of Bavaria.
Bayerischer Fernsehpreis (the Bavarian TV award) is an award presented by the government of Bavaria, Germany since 1989.

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