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The meaning of «baz»

Baz may refer to:
A bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold.
Mark Anthony "Baz" Luhrmann (; born 17 September 1962) is an Australian film and theater director, screenwriter, producer, and record producer.
Ruth Elizabeth "Bazy" Tankersley (March 7, 1921 – February 5, 2013) was an American breeder of Arabian horses and a newspaper publisher.
Bazeilles is a commune in the Ardennes department in the Grand Est region of northern France. On 1 January 2017, the former communes of Rubécourt-et-Lamécourt and Villers-Cernay were merged into Bazeilles.
The Bazaar of Pristina (Albanian: Çarshia e Prishtinës; Serbian: Базар у Приштини / Bazar u Prištini), Kosovo, was the core merchandising center of the Old Pristina since the 15th century, when it was built.
Baztan is a municipality from the Chartered Community of Navarre, northern Spain. It is located 58 km (36 mi) from Pamplona, the capital of Navarre.
Bazenville is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region of north-western France.
Bazine is a city in Ness County, Kansas, United States. The population was 334 at the 2010 census.

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