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The meaning of «bbl»

A barrel is one of several units of volume applied in various contexts; there are dry barrels, fluid barrels (such as the UK beer barrel and US beer barrel), oil barrels and so on.
The British Basketball League Championship, often shortened to the BBL Championship, is the top-level men's professional basketball league in the United Kingdom.
BBL may refer to:
The BBL Pipeline (Balgzand Bacton Line, BBL) is a natural gas interconnector between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
The BBL All-Star Game is the annual All-Star Game of the German first division basketball league, the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).
The Basketball Bundesliga Champions Cup, officially called the BEKO BBL Champions Cup for sponsorship reasons, is a men’s professional basketball game in Germany, which is comparable to other super cup games.
This is a complete list of shows about and relating to Big Brother UK and Celebrity Big Brother.
BBL TV is an English subscription-based internet television channel, operated by British Basketball League, which is available internationally through the League's official website.

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