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The meaning of «bbr»

BBR Construction, BBR System, Bureau BBR or BBR Group is a Swiss construction firm specializing in cable construction projects such as suspension bridges and tramways.
BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian based multinational company specializing in enterprise software and the Internet of things.
Pixantrone (rINN; trade name Pixuvri)
Boron tribromide, BBr3, is a colorless, fuming liquid compound containing boron and bromine. It is decomposed by water and alcohols.
BBR may refer to:
Bang Bang Rock & Roll is the debut studio album by British rock band Art Brut. It was re-released in 2006 with bonus CD.
A broadband remote access server (BRAS, B-RAS or BBRAS) routes traffic to and from broadband remote access devices such as digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAM) on an Internet service provider's (ISP) network.
BBRC could refer to:
Boo Boo Runs Wild is a stand-alone special parody of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, The Yogi Bear Show.

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