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Common Era or Current Era (CE) is a year-numbering system (calendar era) for the Julian and Gregorian calendars that refers to the years since the start of this era, i.e., since AD 1. The preceding era is referred to as before the Common or Current Era (BCE).
BCE Inc., is a Canadian telecommunications company. It is one of Canada's largest corporations and a publicly-traded holding company for Canada's largest communications network.
BCE Inc v 1976 Debentureholders, 2008 SCC 69 (CanLII), [2008] 3 SCR 560 is a leading decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the nature of the duties of corporate directors to act in the best interests of the corporation, "viewed as a good corporate citizen".
BCeSIS (the British Columbia Enterprise Student Information System) is the implementation of a common student information system by independent schools and school districts of British Columbia, Canada.
B.C.E.T. gurdaspur (Beant College of Engineering and Technology) is an academic autonomous and NBA accredited engineering college located in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India.
British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, with a population of more than four million people located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.
Bell Canada (commonly referred to as Bell) is a Canadian telecommunications and media company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.
BCE or B.C.E. may stand for:

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