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The Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar Forum for Regional Cooperation (BCIM) is a sub-regional organisation of Asian nations aimed at greater integration of trade and investment between the four countries.
BCI2000 is a software suite for brain-computer interface research. It is commonly used for data acquisition, stimulus presentation, and brain monitoring applications.
BCI is an Australian bus and coach dealer and manufacturer based in Kewdale, Perth, Western Australia.
BCI may refer to:
The Building Cost Information Service, known as BCIS, is a provider of cost and price information for the UK construction industry.
BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc., based in Lakeland, Florida, is an Engineering/Geology consultant company.
The BCI CitiRider is an integrally-constructed high capacity low-floor and low-entry single-decker bus and double-decker bus produced by BCI Bus of Australia since 2015. It is produced at the BCI Bus manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China.
Bureau canadien d'investigation et ajustement (CBIA) inc. / Canadian Bureau of Investigations and Adjustments (CBIA) Inc.

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