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The BDC Aero Puma is a Canadian ultralight and light-sport aircraft, originally designed by the Italian aircraft designer Antonio Bortolanza and built by Aeroplast of Sale, Piedmont, Italy.
BDC Aero Industrie Inc. is a Canadian aircraft manufacturer based in Lachute, Quebec. The company specializes in the manufacture of fixed wing aircraft in the form of ready-to-fly aircraft for the Canadian advanced ultralight, limited and the American light-sport aircraft categories.
The BDC Young Entrepreneur Award (YEA; French Prix jeune entrepreneur BDC) is a contest organized by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to promote youth entrepreneurship across Canada and encourage public support for it.
BDC may mean:
BDC Televizija or BDC TV is a Bosnian commercial cable television channel, established 2009, based in Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The BDC Building, 22-storey office tower (91.5 m), is the 5th tallest building in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
California Water Fix and Eco Restore, formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, is a $15 billion plan proposed by Governor Jerry Brown and the California Department of Water Resources to build two large, four-story tall tunnels to carry fresh water from the Sacramento River under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta toward the intake stations for the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project.
BDC Marcpol was a Polish UCI Continental cycling team.
Boolean differential calculus (BDC) (German: Boolescher Differentialkalkül (BDK)) is a subject field of Boolean algebra discussing changes of Boolean variables and Boolean functions.

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