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The meaning of «bei»

Bei may refer to:
Beijing, formerly romanized as Peking, is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the world's third most populous city proper.
Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎‎ Bayrūt pronunciation , French: Beyrouth) is the capital and largest city of Lebanon.
Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport (Arabic: مطار بيروت رفيق الحريري الدولي‎‎, Maṭār Bayrūt Rafīq al-Ḥarīrī ad-Dwaliyy) (French: Aéroport international de Beyrouth) (IATA: BEY, ICAO: OLBA), formerly Beirut International Airport, is located 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the city center in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, and is the only operational commercial airport in the country.
Beit She'an (Hebrew: בֵּית שְׁאָן‎ Beth Šəān; Arabic: بيسان‎‎, Beesān , Beisan or Bisan), is a city in the Northern District of Israel which has played historically an important role due to its geographical location, at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley.
Beitar Jerusalem Football Club (Hebrew: מועדון כדורגל בית"ר ירושלים‎‎; Moadon Kaduregel Beitar Yerushalayim) is an Israeli professional football club from Jerusalem, Israel.
Being Human is a British supernatural drama television series. It was created and written by Toby Whithouse for broadcast on BBC Three.
The Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality.
The Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway (or Jinghu High-Speed Railway from its Chinese name) is a 1,318-kilometre (819 mi) long high-speed railway that connects two major economic zones in the People's Republic of China, the Bohai Economic Rim and the Yangtze River Delta.

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