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Bequia (/ˈbɛkwiː/ or /ˈbɛkweɪ/) is the second largest island in the Grenadines at 7 square miles (18 km2) (the largest being Carriacou, a dependency of Grenada).
A bequest is property given by will. Historically, bequest was used for personal property given by will and devise for real property.
Beqir Balluku (February 14, 1917 – November 5, 1974) was an Albanian politician, military leader, and Minister of Defense of Albania.
beqom is a global provider of compensation management software, delivered using a cloud computing platform.
Beqaa (Arabic: البقاع‎‎ Al-Biqā') is a governorate in Lebanon with a population of 750,000 inhabitants.
Beqabu is a 1996 Indian Bollywood film produced and directed by N. Chandra and starring Sanjay Kapoor and Mamta Kulkarni.
Beqa (pronounced [mbeŋɡa]) is an island in Fiji, an outlier to the main island of Viti Levu, 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) to the south.
The Bequeathed Teachings Sutra, or the Sutra on the Buddha's Bequeathed Teaching is a brief Mahayana sutra containing instructions left by the Gautama Buddha before His said final nirvana.

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