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Bodajk FC Siófok, generally shortened to BFC Siófok, is a Hungarian football club based in Siófok, a small town on the shores of Lake Balaton.
This article is about a now-defunct German football club. For the successor club, see FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin.
BFC Preussen is a German football club from Berlin. The team is part of a sports club which also has departments for handball, volleyball, athletics, gymnastics, and ice hockey.
BFC Germania 1888 is a German football club from Berlin. Founded on 15 April 1888, it is the oldest still active football club in the country.
BFC may refer to:
BFC Daugavpils is a Latvian football club that is based in Daugavpils. They play in the Latvian Higher League.
BFCS was a commercial film production company.
BFC Südring is a German football club from the city of Berlin. The club was formed on 15 June 1935 as Sportclub Südring Berlin out of the membership of Spielvereinigung Fichte Berlin, a worker's club that was banned in 1933 under the politically motivated policies of the Third Reich, which saw the dissolution of left-leaning worker's clubs like Fichte as well as clubs with religious affiliations.
Berliner FC Dynamo (commonly BFC Dynamo or BFC) is a German football club from Berlin and the record champion of East Germany with ten consecutive championships from 1979 through 1988.

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