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BFF may stand for:
BFF: Best Friends Forever is a 2009 Filipino comedy film released by Star Cinema. It stars Sharon Cuneta, Ai-Ai de las Alas and John Estrada.
"BFFs" is the season premiere of the third season of the animated comedy series The Cleveland Show, and the 44th episode of the series overall.
The discography of 2 Chainz, an American rapper and recording artist, consists of four studio albums, eight mixtapes, 41 singles (including 33 as a featured artist), eight promotional singles and 43 music videos.
The Falkland Islands are a British overseas territory and, as such, rely on the UK for the guarantee of their security.
The Unix file system (UFS; also called the Berkeley Fast File System, the BSD Fast File System or FFS) is a file system used by many Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
Best Friends Forever is an American sitcom series that ran on NBC from April 4, to June 1, 2012. The series aired during the 2011–12 NBC primetime season as a mid-season replacement and was created by real-life best friends Lennon Parham and Jessica St.
The B&F Fk14 Polaris, also called the FK-Lightplanes FK14, is a single-engine, low-wing ultralight aircraft which seats two side by side.
The B&F Fk12 Comet, also called the FK-Lightplanes FK12 Comet, is a single-engine, two-seat sports biplane designed in Germany.
The B&F Fk9, also marketed as the FK-Lightplanes FK9, is a German-designed single-engine, two-seat ultralight, first flown in 1989. It has been developed from a mixed structure, fabric covered aircraft to a wholly composite machine.

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