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In business, outsourcing is "an agreement in which one company contracts-out a part of their existing internal activity to another company" .
BFO is an abbreviation that stands for:
Benjamin Franklin O'Neal Jr. (June 23, 1922 – April 29, 2004), known as B. F. O'Neal Jr., was a Shreveport businessman and a pioneer in the development of the modern Republican Party in the U.S.
B. Forman Co. was a retail store in Rochester, New York specializing primarily in hign-end women's clothing.
In molecular biology, the term double helix refers to the structure formed by double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids such as DNA.
Dark Funeral is a Swedish black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, founded by guitarists Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman in 1993. They emerged during the second wave of black metal.
Polyurethane products have many uses. Over three quarters of the global consumption of polyurethane products is in the form of foams, with flexible and rigid types being roughly equal in market size.
In film and television production, B-roll, B roll, B-reel or B reel is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot.
The Bulgarian Second Professional Football League (Bulgarian: Втора професионална футболна лига) or simply Second League (Bulgarian: Втора Лига) is the second level of the Bulgarian football league system, below First League and above the Third League.

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