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BFU may refer to:
The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (German: Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung, BFU) is the German federal agency responsible for air accident and incident investigation.
The B-Funk is the debut studio album by the British R&B and soul recording artist and songwriter Beverley Knight, released on 26 November 1995 by Dome Records.
Benjamin Fondane (French pronunciation: ​[bɛ̃ʒamɛ̃ fɔ̃dan]) or Benjamin Fundoianu (Romanian pronunciation: [benʒaˈmin fundoˈjanu]; born Benjamin Wechsler, Wexler or Vecsler, first name also Beniamin or Barbu, usually abridged to B.; November 14, 1898 – October 2, 1944) was a Romanian and French poet, critic and existentialist philosopher, also noted for his work in film and theater.
In mathematics, the Bernstein–Sato polynomial is a polynomial related to differential operators, introduced independently by Bernstein (1971) and Sato and Shintani (1972, 1974), Sato (1990).
B. fulgida may refer to:
Lee Jun-fan (Chinese: 李振藩; November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973), known professionally as Bruce Lee, was a Hong Kong and American actor, film director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do.

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