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Ilulissat Airport (Greenlandic: Mittarfik Ilulissat, Danish: Ilulissat Lufthavn); IATA: JAV, ICAO: BGJN) is a minor international airport serving Ilulissat, Greenland, the entire Disko Bay Region, the North and West Greenland.
Qaqortoq Heliport (IATA: JJU, ICAO: BGJH) is a heliport in the southern part of Qaqortoq, a town in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland.
Bharatiya Gorkha Janashakti (Indian Gorkha People's Power) is a political party in the Darjeeling District of the Indian state of West Bengal.
Brian Girard James (born May 20, 1969) is an American professional wrestler and a former United States Marine.
Beladamadu Gangadhar Jyothi Prakash Mirji (born November 21, 1953) is an indian Police officer who served as the Commissioner of Bangalore City Police from 02-05-2011 to 30-06-2013. He is an Indian Police Service officer of the 1982 batch.
BG Junction is a shopping mall in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is located not far from the Surabaya CBD area.
B.G. James may refer to:
Major General John Uberti is the deputy commanding general for operations for the U.S. Army's III Armored Corps at Fort Hood, Texas.
Brigadier General John T. Corley (August 4, 1914 - April 16, 1977) was a career Army officer noted for his contributions to Army training.

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