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BGR Energy Systems Limited is a company headquartered at Chennai, operating in the utility industry, offering services ranging from product manufacturing to project execution.
BGR may refer to:
BGR Group is a lobbying firm based in Washington DC, three blocks from the White House, and also has an office in London.
Subpixel rendering is a way to increase the apparent resolution of a computer's liquid crystal display (LCD) or organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display by rendering pixels to take into account the screen type's physical properties.
Bangor International Airport (IATA: BGR, ICAO: KBGR, FAA LID: BGR) is a joint civil-military public airport on the west side of the city of Bangor, in Penobscot County, Maine, United States.
RGBA stands for red green blue alpha. While it is sometimes described as a color space, it is actually simply a use of the RGB color model, with extra alpha channel information.
The Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization (BGRSO) is a student organization at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Boy Genius Report (also referred to as BGR) is a technology-influenced website that covers topics ranging from consumer gadgets, to entertainment, gaming, and science.
BGR Township (Bongaigaon Refinery Township) is a census town in Bongaigaon Urban Agglomeration, India.

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