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BIF or bif may refer to:
Fletcher Bangs "Biff" Watson is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. His musicianship has been a part of recording sessions for many artists.
The discography of Biffy Clyro, a Scottish alternative rock band, consists of seven studio albums, two live albums, seven compilation albums, five extended plays (EPs), 35 singles, 33 music videos and six other appearances.
Bifurcation theory is the mathematical study of changes in the qualitative or topological structure of a given family, such as the integral curves of a family of vector fields, and the solutions of a family of differential equations.
Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide used primarily against the red imported fire ant by influencing its nervous system.
In Norse mythology, Bifröst ( ( listen) or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.
Bifidobacterium longum is a Gram-positive, catalase-negative, rod-shaped bacterium present in the human gastrointestinal tract and one of the 32 species that belong to the genus Bifidobacterium.
Bifidobacterium is a genus of gram-positive, nonmotile, often branched anaerobic bacteria. They are ubiquitous inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract, vagina and mouth (B.

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