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Major-General Beauchamp John Colclough Doran, CB (24 September 1860 – 23 November 1943) was a British Army officer who commanded the 25th Division during the First World War.
BJC is a three letter acronym that can mean many things:
Bjaðǫk was a twelfth-century woman purported to have been the mother of Eysteinn Haraldsson, King of Norway.
BCD ("Binary-Coded Decimal"), also called alphanumeric BCD, alphameric BCD, BCD Interchange Code, or BCDIC, is a family of representations of numerals, uppercase Latin letters, and some special and control characters as six-bit character codes.
Bacdafucup: Part II is the fourth album from rap group Onyx, released on July 9, 2002 by Koch Records.
BacDive (the Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase) is a bacterial metadatabase that provides strain-linked information about bacterial and archaeal biodiversity.
1-Bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (BCDMH or bromochlorodimethylhydantoin) is a chemical structurally related to hydantoin.
BCD Travel is a provider of global corporate travel management. The company, headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, operates in 109 countries, with US$25.7 billion in total sales 2017 and a combined worldwide workforce of 13,500. BCD Travel is part of the BCD Group.

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