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BJFE Guitar Effects is a company which manufactures effects pedals for use with instruments such as an electric guitar.
Benjamin "BJ" Flores (born January 29, 1979) is an American professional boxer.
Bernard Joecel Forbes (born March 27, 1998) in Morong, Rizal, Philippines) also known as BJ "Tolits" Forbes, is a Filipino child actor.
Bryan James Sledge, better known by his stage name BJ the Chicago Kid (or simply BJ), is an American singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.
Bcfg2 (pronounced "bee-config") is a configuration management tool developed in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory.
BCfm or Bristol Community FM is a community radio station broadcasting to the City of Bristol in the United Kingdom on 93.2 FM.
The Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex (formerly known as Birmingham–Jefferson Civic Center) is a sports, convention and entertainment complex located in Birmingham, Alabama.

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