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BK is the common abbreviation for the Burger King chain of fast food restaurants.
BK Chicken Fries are a fried chicken product sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King.
BKN, or Bohbot Kids Network (also BKN Kids), were syndicated blocks of animated TV series owned by Bohbot Communications and its subsidiaries or successors.
The BK virus is a member of the polyomavirus family. Past infection with the BK virus is widespread, but significant consequences of infection are uncommon, with the exception of the immunocompromised and the immunosuppressed.
BK Racing was an American professional stock car racing team that fielded entries in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series from 2012 to 2018. It most recently fielded the No.
Bollklubben Häcken, more commonly known as BK Häcken or simply Häcken (Swedish pronunciation: [¹hɛkːɛn]), is a Swedish professional football club based in Gothenburg.
VEF Rīga is a Latvian professional basketball team that is based in Riga, Latvia. VEF Rīga is a six-time Latvian Basketball League champion.
BKW Energie AG (BKW, formerly known as Bernische Kraftwerke AG) is a power production and distribution utility with its headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.

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