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The Brookshire Katy Drainage District (BKDD) is a political subdivision of the state of Texas which oversees the drainage of water within its boundaries.
B.K. Dash Road is in the southern side of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Adjacent to the Buriganga River. It lies on the 79th ward of Farashganj.
BK Derby is a Swedish sports club located in Linköping, Sweden. It now only active in football club but was previously involved in bandy and other sports.
BK is the common abbreviation for the Burger King chain of fast food restaurants.
Burger King Dinner Baskets was a series of product introduced in 1993 by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King.
BK Děčín, for sponsorships reasons named BK Armex Děčín, is a Czech professional basketball club based in the city of Děčín.
BK Dukla Praha (Czech: Basketbalový klub Dukla Praha) is a Czech (former military) basketball club from Prague.
Basketball Pezinok was a Slovak professional basketball club, based in Pezinok, Slovakia. The club used to compete in the Slovak Extraliga.

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