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Bkerké (Arabic: بكركي, also Bkerke or Bkirki) is the see of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchate, located 650 m above the bay of Jounieh, northeast of Beirut, in Lebanon.
Bkeftine (Arabic: بكفتين‎‎) is a village in Koura District of Lebanon. The population is Greek Orthodox and other confessions.
Bqarqacha also referred to as Bkerkasha بقرقاشا, is a village located in the Bsharri District in the North Governorate of Lebanon.
Boxmaya (Arabic: بقسميّا ‎‎) is a small town located in Batroun, North Lebanon., ,
BKE may refer to:
B. Kevin Turner (born April 3, 1965) is an American businessman known for his executive leadership roles at Wal-Mart, Microsoft and Citadel LLC.
B. Kemal Pasha (Malayalam: ബി. കമാൽ പാഷ; born 25 May 1956) is the judge of Kerala High Court. The High Court of Kerala is the highest court in the Indian state of Kerala and in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep.
B. Ketchum House is a historic home located in Fort Salonga in the Town of Huntington in Suffolk County, New York.
Trifunctional enzyme subunit beta, mitochondrial (TP-beta) also known as 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase, acetyl-CoA acyltransferase, or beta-ketothiolase is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the HADHB gene.

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