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NTBackup is the built-in backup application introduced in Windows NT around 1997 and part of all subsequent versions up to and including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It uses a proprietary backup format (BKF) to back up files.
A butterfly chair, also known as a BKF chair, is a style of chair featuring a folding frame and a large cloth sling hung from the frame's highest points.
BKF may refer to:
BK Forward are a football team from Örebro, Sweden. They play in Division 2 Norra Svealand. The club plays in a small multipurpose stadium called Trängens IP.
The BK Fliers BK-1 is a single seat homebuilt aircraft.
Boldklubben Frem (also known as Frem, BK Frem or BK Frem Copenhagen) is a Danish sports club based in the Valby-Sydhavnen area of Copenhagen.
Boldklubben Fremad Amager (Fremad A for short) is a Danish professional football club based in the district of Amager Vest, Copenhagen.
Sir Brian Keith Follett FRS DL (born 22 February 1939) chaired the UK government's Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) from 2003-9. The TDA is responsible for recruiting to the teaching profession (ca.
Kastrup Boldklub (KB for short) is a Danish football club based in Kastrup on Amager. The club was founded on 4 May 1933 as Boldklubben Funkis and changed to the current name in 1941. Kastrup Boldklub has spent a total of 9 seasons in the highest football league in Denmark, the last in 1987. Their best result was set in the 1979 season, when the first team finished in fourth place in the top league and thus qualified for the 1980 Intertoto Cup.

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