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BkMk Press is an award-winning literary press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City that publishes full-length collections of poetry, fiction, and essays.
BKMA Yerevan(Armenian: ԲԿՄԱ Երևան or Armenian: Բանակի Կենտրոնական Մարզական Ակումբ Երևան; Banaki Kentronakan Marzakan Akumb), meaning Central Army Sports Club of Yerevan, was also known with its Russian abbreviation as CSKA Yerevan, is a defunct Armenian football club from the capital Yerevan.
BKM can refer to:
In mathematics, a generalized Kac–Moody algebra is a Lie algebra that is similar to a Kac–Moody algebra, except that it is allowed to have imaginary simple roots.
Brooklyn Magazine is an American glossy quarterly celebrating the arts, fashion, and high-end culture of Brooklyn, New York.
Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union literally 'Indian Land Workers Union' is a trade union of agricultural labourers in India.
BK Mladá Boleslav (Czech: Bruslařský klub Mladá Boleslav) is a Czech ice hockey team, which plays in the Czech Extraliga, the country's highest level.

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