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The Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition (BKT transition) is a phase transition in the two-dimensional (2-D) XY model.
Blackstone Army Airfield (IATA: BKT, ICAO: KBKT, FAA LID: BKT), also known as Allen C. Perkinson Airport, is located two miles (3 km) east of the central business district of Blackstone, a town in Nottoway County, Virginia, United States.
RTV BK Telekom (Serbian Cyrillic: Радио Телевизија Браћа Карић Телеком) was a privately owned radio-television company based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Bakri or often Bukit Bakri is a town in Muar District, Johor, Malaysia. It is located along Federal Route in Muar district, just five kilometers east of Muar town.
B. K. (Bob) Taylor is an American illustrator, cartoonist, writer, production designer, costume designer, puppeteer, and musician known for his work on the Odd Rods collector stickers of the late 1960s, his covers for Sick magazine, his comics in National Lampoon, and for his work as a staff writer on ABC’S popular sit-com, Home Improvement.
Bal Krishen Thapar (18 October 1921 – 6 September 1995) was an Indian archaeologist who served as the Director-general of the Archaeological Survey of India from 1978 to 1981. He was the founder of INTACH.
BK Tooling (Edms) Bpk v Scope Precision Engineering (Edms) Bpk, an important case in South African contract law, was heard and decided in the Appellate Division on 16 September, 1977 and 15 September, 1978 respectively.
A BK-tree is a metric tree suggested by Walter Austin Burkhard and Robert M. Keller[1] specifically adapted to discrete metric spaces.
Benoy Krishna Tikader was an Indian arachnologist and zoologist and a leading expert on Indian spiders in his time.
B K Thelma works on Human genetics and medical genomics at the Department of Genetics, University of Delhi, Delhi.

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